Since 2002, PT. Alam Hijau Semesta established and specialize in Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) & Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

We know that nowadays in line with Indonesia's growing demands, we build more and more Real Estate/ Residence, Hotel, Apartment, Hospital, Office Towers, Shopping Center, etc.
It bring us to waste water increament flow out to our environment.
If we don't handle it with care, it may cause bad pollution that effects the environment and damage the ecosystem which risks human's life. Therefore,we realize that it is very important to have a good and accurate waste water treatment system. Then we design and create STP Bio-Technology system that's suitable to meet the standard quality water that was set by Indonesian's goverment .

Our company team consists of the experts who has their own speciality :
System design (with all those drawings that easy to learn and understand) , Installation, Maintenance, Problem Solving.

It is our company's commitment to be in the good competion to be the best in quality product, best design, reasonable and competitive price ,supported with the good distribution to fulfill the customer product satisfaction.

Everytime we serve our customer's project, in the first step we discuss together with our customer to calculate the right capacity , the most suitable design to meet the standard quality environment , system drawing and setting placement STP at the site, give suggestion to the building owner to manage the building waste water in the most efficient way and best quality water result.

Sewage Treatment Plant (Bio Technology-Extended Aeration-Membrane Bio Reactor), Septic Tank, Grease Trap, Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Demin Plant, Sand Filter, Carbon Filter, Softener Filter, Lamella Clarifier, Coagulant / Floculant, Enzim Biowish, GRP Water Tank
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